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What’s good design?

Here’s Dieter Rams (a German industrial designer) 10 Principles of Good Design Good design is innovative. Good design makes a product useful. Good design is aesthetic. Good design makes a product understandable. Good design is unobtrusive. Good design is honest. Good design is long-lasting. Good design is thorough down to […]

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The World of Ladurée

I’m fascinated by this French cake and pastry shop. They are best known for their macaron, which they supposedly sell 15,000 every day! Just google “laduree” and you’ll see colorful images of dreamy sweet goodness. Here are some art surrounding Ladurée that I found earlier.

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History of Parquet

Hardwood flooring was reserved for the rich and affluent. Until the 1600, floors were made of earth, which was beaten and pounded to form a flat surface. The first wood floors were large planks of wood. In 1625 (the Baroque Era) more decorative wood floors were introduced in Europe. The […]

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