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Judge not, that ye be not judged.

“Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up.” ― Jesse Jackson “The highest form of human intelligence is to observe yourself without judgement.” ― Jiddu Krishnamurti “If we learn to open our hearts, anyone, including the people who drive us crazy, can be our teacher.” ― Pema Chodron “When you use […]

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11 things to leave behind and grow beyond

Letting other people write your life’s story. You could spend your whole life worrying about what other people think of you, or what they want for you, but it won’t get you very far. The fear of making mistakes. – Past mistakes should teach you to create a wonderful future; not cause […]

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History of Parquet

Hardwood flooring was reserved for the rich and affluent. Until the 1600, floors were made of earth, which was beaten and pounded to form a flat surface. The first wood floors were large planks of wood. In 1625 (the Baroque Era) more decorative wood floors were introduced in Europe. The […]

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